Umbraco 7.6.0 Release

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The “major minor” Umbraco release is out of beta and ready to be used on shiny new sites, yay! As that implies, for a minor release there are quote significant changes. This post will run through these. Well,the ones I have noticed :) The theme of “Making the Backoffice Great Again” (<a href="">MBOGA</a>) is clear to see in these updates, the content user rather than just us developers are clearly the priority of this release. Which is great as if clients are happy, we are happy!

On install or upgrade of the new version, you may notice a wonderful new installer image. It’s the Umbraco ladies! Recognise anyone?... It’s your wee pal Logan hiding on the end there! This picture was taken last year at Codegarden 16 and it’s cool to see HQ giving us their support by putting us right there on the install screen. Hoping to see even more ladies at Codegarden this year.

Anyway, let’s get on to the new features for our backoffice users. Let’s get the obvious one out the way first… the back office colour scheme has been brought in line with Umbraco’s new brand colours. Isn’t it pretty?! I really like it.

The main thing you might see when you navigate to the site after an upgrade is the new log in screen. The new centred log in screen with a background image is, in my opinion much better looking than the old black screen with the log in box hiding up in the left hand side, it looks more polished.

Also, you will notice the background image is the installer image, if you want to change this (eh, why would you do that :P) then you can include your image in the solution and update the config to point to that resource. As you can see on below screenshot, as an example I have updated the image path in config to be Jenson, my cat. This is updated on the login screen but the purple filter is still in place on top of the image, you can just about see his eyes piercing through the filter on screenshot below..

Updating the config file to change login background image. There is wee Jenson in the background image!

Another nice update is the improvement of the tree picker interface. You can now easily edit the selected nodes and the content within those nodes with just one click. This will save users searching for the linked node in content tree to edit it, it can just be edited from the tree picker. Relatively small change, but it will really make a difference for users.

The template editing UI has been polished too. I don’t really use this view in Umbraco much as I tend to update solutions in visual studio. I think the new updates will make it easier for those who do use this view and make editing templates less scary for new users.

A recurring theme in this blog post seems to be ‘polished’ and that’s about right. In my opinion, this version makes the overall product tidier from a user point of view and easier for back office users.

As well as all of the above, there were a few other changes in the background that won’t just jump out at all users, but will help us developers in the long run. This includes: security fixes and adding a GUID for node identification. You can get a full list of items here: <a href=""> </a>

Any questions, or if you want to chat, catch me on <a href=”” twitter </a>!